October 20–December 13, 2023

Opening Reception | Thursday, October 26, 5–7:30pm

health/care includes work by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, a Quilt from the National AIDS Memorial, Get Well Soon a crowdsourced piece by Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne, drawings by Dominic Quagliozzi, interactive work by Finnegan Shannon, and Daniel Terna’s photographs.

The work in the show engages with health, care, time, loss, memory, and how we connect with our humanity.

A series of images on a translucent material, from left to right. Starting on the left is an elderly person cast in shadows. They look relaxed, possibly sleeping. The following image is of an elderly person stretching their foot out the camera, with what I believe to be a physical therapist helping them out. I think that the look on their face could either be relaxation, like the stretch is very helpful, or that of pain and discomfort. The final image is of someone’s leg being stretched over their torso by another person. Their hands rest on their belly, while the helper has a hand on the knee and one on the ankle.
An image of many quilts combined into one large quilt. They are in remembrance of many different people. Some of the names I see are Tommy Diplatzi, Steven E. Fay, and Laura Tocci Carroll.
Two blue benches sit in the gallery. In between on the wall is a shelf with some yellow cards. The blue bench on the left reads “I’d like to linger here. Sit if you agree.” The one on the right reads “This exhibition has asked me to stand for too long. Sit if you agree.”

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