Crys Yin

A bottle of a brown substance-possibly soda or soy sauce-with a bright yellow label is being poured out. On a blue table lies the cap to the liquid and a small place with some strips of vegetable-what kind is unclear to me. The deep blue border of the piece features emerald flies with maroon eyes.
A delicious pot, one side with what I believe is rice and vegetables, the other with some sort of curry sauce. Surrounding the pot are utensils, including tongs and chopsticks. The maroon border features many objects, all food related; there are some mushrooms, cabbage, meat, egg, and dumplings.
A figure with two square pupils stares into the viewer. Their hands are folded over each other, and their hair extends all the way to the bottom of the chin, covering the entire face except for the piercing eyes. The blue border of the piece features tealights.

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