To Scatter or Sow

Diaspora in Contemporary Art

An image of three piles of dirt. They are neatly lined up to form a triangle if you were to draw lines between them.
Isabella Cruz-Chong, still from Sol, ella y yo (Sol, her and I), 2019

September 7–October 23, 2021
Beard & Weil Galleries, Watson Fine Arts

To Scatter or Sow: Diaspora in Contemporary Art serves as a central event for Wheaton’s campus-wide initiative to consider Diasporas: Economies, Boundaries, and Kinship. The title of the show is taken from the Greek root of the word, and evokes not only the dispersal inherent in diaspora but also the potential for rich growth. Framing the multi-faceted idea of diasporas through the work of eight contemporary artists, the exhibition includes video, photography, painting, ceramics and text-based work. The exhibition is presented both virtually and on the Wheaton campus.


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