Marissa James

(Sharon, Massachusetts)

Through the intricate details of human interactions and relationships, my work explores everyday, often unremarkable, aspects of the world. I use the human figure and surroundings to illustrate fictional experiences in my envisioned world. Mixing drama with the unexceptional is the foundation of my work. 

My work is centered around familial relationships between mothers and daughters. My goal is to explore daughters as individuals, touching on the life experiences that shape who they are. By crafting the characters’ lives and personalities in relation to their fellow characters, I designed plots and conflicts that present my intentions for my pieces. My work stems from my interest in fiction and the freedom a creator has when crafting their world. I envision my work sparking viewers’ interests and igniting images of their experiences. The intention is to allow viewers to find aspects of themselves in a story where they wouldn’t ordinarily expect to see their own characteristics.

Creating this work first involved brainstorming while allowing myself to be inspired. I often sketched quickly, creating character designs and images I knew would likely not make it into the final piece but which helped me find the styles that would later serve as the backbone for my work. I also kept myself ready to examine imagery and storytelling from movies, novels, and comics. Incorporating my views and preferences with the limitless nature of drawing led me to produce a piece of work that is able to speak not only to myself but to the viewers as well.

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