Mariela Saver

(Norton, MA)

In The Resolve, the permanence of ink and movement used for sequential art are used to portray the physical challenges posed by mental health. This series is intended to portray how depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses can physically affect the human body- displaying things that sometimes only establish themselves internally. Bringing light to these physical manifestations and showing the ability to move through them is not often easy to explain with words, but it is important for people to understand that this is real, and healing is possible.

The layering of animated works and still images further emphasize the challenges of expressing pain and discomfort caused by mental health. Portraying these struggles in a tangible way should allow for a safe platform of open discussion and promote empathy. Bringing to light the physical discomfort and real effects of mental health issues should provide more inclusivity and a form of expression for those who have difficulty explaining what they are experiencing, as well as a resource for those who have trouble understanding, but want to.

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