Maggie Daly

(Underhill, Vermont)

The art I create is usually inspired by the natural world and living beings in particular. I often incorporate found materials and bits of nature to create pieces that speak to the parts of the world that often go unnoticed. In my day-to-day life, I try to become more aware and appreciative of the elements around me that breathe life into the world. For these reasons I especially love working with raw, natural materials such as wool, clay, acorns, leaves, and bark, or working to depict natural settings and energies. My artwork is also a vehicle through which I can experiment with texture, pattern, and color.

My work takes many forms, including the multimedia installation displayed here. This piece was a challenge because I had to allow myself space to create something true to me and my values. I drew most of my inspiration from my home state of Vermont, as well as the experiences I had through my Waldorf high school education. I employed an earthy, yet ethereal color palette and attempted to merge rigidity and fluidity into the sculptural and two-dimensional aspects of this installation.

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