Lea Moore

(Wellesley, Massachusetts)

A warm scene of a bright cloud. The sun reflects on the cloud’s surface to create a warm yellow hue. It appears almost unnatural how brilliant the cloud is, yet it is completely natural in its essence.

Look up at the evening sky. What do you see? Clouds that are white and gray by day become orange and red by evening. Clouds are mesmerizing shapeshifters reflecting hues of the sun and sky. We always see them, and if we take the time to really look, they never cease to amaze us. My series of oil paintings attempts to express the brilliance of clouds and the awe they inspire.

I use an illustrative style with bold shapes, lively textures, and bright colors to bring character to my paintings. For some clouds, I swirled a small wet brush with one color over a thin base layer. This method produced a new color while allowing the color underneath to shine through, making the cloud glow and be multidimensional. For others, I dabbed a dry brush over wet paint to create softness. The color orange is a staple in my series as it is bright and warm–the eye naturally finds it. Reds and yellows naturally blend together to create it, and the three reflect the sunset sky. Muted blues and greens in the sky and shadows counter the bright warm hues. I hope you appreciate each cloud’s personality.

Fluffy clouds floating in the sky with a cyan background. They are tickled a little bit pink with a salmon color. This slight blush separates them from your average cloud.
Red, yellow, orange. The clouds are at sunset, I think, and look almost like leaves in autumn. They are vivid and warm in contrast to the gray sky.

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