Amanda Mundy

(Westwood, Massachusetts)

The work that I create is the opposite of me. I am an organized and timid person, however, in my artistic practice I find satisfaction in working outside of the box and without a predetermined plan. I work with vibrant colors and push myself to create pieces that live outside of the confines of two-dimensional space. I aim to explore new possibilities within myself as well as foster the same feeling of curiosity within the viewer. The work I produce is energetic, kaleidoscopic, and eccentric.  

This collection of paper sculptures studies the ways in which two-dimensional and three-dimensional space interact. Typical elements used in two-dimensional art — paint, ink, paper, and collage– are manipulated to create three-dimensional forms. Sculpture is a new endeavor of mine and I have been inspired to expand my work outside of the two-dimensional ‘rectangle’. This work depicts the evolution of my new discoveries through experimentation and personal courage, while simultaneously incorporating techniques from my previous artistic practice. My aim has been to study how paper can be manipulated in different ways, mimicking the flowing and dynamic nature of watercolor paint. I have investigated how the movement of watercolor can be brought into three-dimensional spaces, creating a series that plays with the boundaries of space that are unexplored in two-dimensional artwork.

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