Domestic State

November 4–December 15, 2021
Beard & Weil Galleries, Watson Fine Arts

The exhibition, Domestic State, includes contemporary artists alongside objects from the Wheaton College Permanent Collection. As we have all been required to spend concentrated time in our homes and living quarters during the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic spaces have developed new contexts and significance. Through humor, tragedy, the magical and the mundane, the artists in Domestic State explore the meaning and narrative of domestic spaces and objects. Anna Gensler creates puppets of national and global leaders and places them in humorous, intimate settings. Han Seok You photographs himself in the US and Korea, in an effort to define what “home” means. Manal Abu Shaheen’s series Julian follows the experiences of her brother, a single father raising his family on a Pennsylvania farm. Elizabeth Duffy’s installations and objects allude to the apparent comforts of home while revealing its contradictions.