Artist Talk with Crys Yin and Patricia Encarnación

Monday, October 18 at 5pm ET

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To Scatter or Sow artists, Patricia Encarnación and Crys Yin, will share their artwork and discuss how their art practice connects with their activist work. Yin’s paintings, drawings and sculptures deal with cultural misconnections and embrace the comedic side of personal experiences. Encarnación is an Afro-Dominican artist who explores perceptions of being Caribbean through quotidian objects, landscapes, and the aesthetics she was exposed to growing up in her homeland, the Dominican Republic. Join us on zoom for the virtual presentation and conversation. 

Pass the Mic! Create. Curate. Care.

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Artists, curators, scholars, and art facilitators recognize that cultural initiatives must respond with more agility and alacrity to the realities of inequity, in all of its forms. How those responses are effectively enacted is a more complex set of questions. This conference will focus on the political potentials of care and compassion as practiced in the arts. Participants will reflect on the differences between hearing and actively listening, and between speaking with and speaking to, in a variety of art-centered exchanges.

How can we amplify inclusive, polyphonic narratives based on lived experiences, instead of the perceived authority of academic or fine arts expertise? How might art workers conceive of their role as facilitation for collaborations and conversations about justice taking place outside cultural institutions? Over two online sessions, we will explore creative, curatorial and activist projects focused on toppling hierarchies, empowering BIPOC voices, reimagining history, and centering the voices of historically marginalized authors and creators. Hear more about cultural initiatives locally and internationally—making change now.

Lorena Ancona
Chloë Bass
Anita N. Bateman
Terrance Chism
Steven Diggs
Sarah K. Khan
Laura Raicovich

Laurie Jo Reynolds
Gregory Sholette
Lorén M. Spears
Laura Osorio Sunnucks
Will Wilson
Tanekeya Word

Pass the Mic! Create. Curate. Care. is presented by Wheaton College, MA and supported by the Evelyn Danzig Haas ’39 Visiting Artists Program. Organizers are Claudia Fieo, Elizabeth Hoy, Ellen McBreen, Kim Miller, Leah Niederstadt, and Shaya Gregory Poku.

Campus Partners are the Department of Visual Art and the History of Art, Diversity, Equity & Access Leadership; Co-chairs Raquel Ramos and Brenda Wyss, Office of the Arts, Office of the Provost, Wheaton College Permanent Collection, the Beard and Weil Galleries, African, African American Diaspora Studies, and the ARTHive Revue.