Embodied Labor: Care and Control

December 1, 2022–March 25, 2023

A forest colored ladder. A multicolored patched quilt. The shapes on the patchwork are incohesive. Text on the wall reads: “Embodied Labor/Care and Comfort.”

Closed for Winter Break: Sunday, December 11, 2022–Monday, January 30, 2023

Closed for Spring Break: Saturday, March 11–Monday, March 20, 2023

Embodied Labor: Care and Control was designed by the students in Exhibition Design, a History of Art course taught by Leah Neiderstadt. The 12 students in the course worked with objects selected from Wheaton’s Permanent Collection, the college’s Marion B. Gebbie Archives and Special Collection, and loans from private collections.  

Embodied Labor: Care & Control explores how human labor is both embodied and experienced. The exhibition focuses on both visible and invisible forms of labor to reveal how labor is often systematically erased, forgotten, or simply misunderstood. Through the exhibition we hope you will gain a greater understanding of and an appreciation for the myriad ways in which labor is perceived and valued, whether it is creative, emotional, intellectual, physical, reproductive, or ritual.

Student designers: Shuchang Gu, Mairen O’Neill, Alizabeth Jewell, Jackie Murillo, Deirdre Gill, Reka Moscarelli, Hailey Tice, Isabel Mayers, Emily Redler, Lillian Bates, Hannah Borges, and Nia Budakova

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