(dis)connect: a moment in time

2023 Senior Art Exhibition

April 20–May 12, 2023

Reunion & Commencement Weekend | Friday, May 12, 1-4pm & Saturday, May 13, 12-1pm

Oral Presentations | Thursday, April 27, Ellison Lecture 3:30pm
Opening Reception | Thursday, April 20, Beard & Weil Galleries 5–8pm
A colorful swirl. There are mixes of chartreuse, cyan, magenta, olive, and sandy beige. There are possibly more colors that have dissolved. The colors mix together but also stay true to themselves. In the bottom left corner, a pale yellow text says: “(dis)connect: a moment in time”.

Kajsa Brown Morrison • Matthew D. Cahill • Izzy Chamberlin • Jenna M. D’Alessandro • Julia Farinacci • Conary N. Howard-Rogers • Emmanuel Leal • Shiyu Li • Mairen O’Neill • Maia Ondrasek • Kaila L. Riddle • El Thomas-O’Brien

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